Visual Music Concepts®

Visual Music Concepts is the name of the very effective music teaching methodology that Maria LaMon, founder of The Music Academy for Special Learners, has developed for individuals seeking a visual, auditory, and creative approach to learning music.

Her creative program was designed to engage special learners interactively with visual tools, whole body activities, and sounds. Through game play, students develop instrument skills and learn Music Theory. Lessons are lots of fun, and learners advance easily and naturally, without experiencing common frustrations.

Visual Music Concepts insures that teachers and students both have fun and experience SUCCESS from the start—in fact, children learn to play songs at their first lesson!

In addition to a student’s chosen instrument, we teach using the following special, trademarked learning tools:

  • Customized Instructional Music Books
  • Creative Learning Board Games
  • Cleft and Note Flashcards
  • A Large Floor Mat with Piano Keys
  • Other Multi-Sensory Teaching Tools

The Treasure Hunt game encourages children to use the flashlight to find the correct notes on the keyboard.

The Keyboard Match game is used for reinforcement of note recognition and note progression.

Name that Note introduces the note staff, note placement on the staff, and treble and bass clefs. It also reinforces note progression and recognition.

The Who Am I? game helps reinforce the types of notes, note values and clef signs.

Jump to the Note encourages note recognition and progression while expending physical energy.

Visual Music Concepts motivates students by providing novel, pleasant activities that teach them something they want to learn, while advancing their coping skills and improving their self-esteem. We’re so certain your child will love Visual Music Concepts that we are offering a FREE LESSON. Contact us now to schedule a class for your child!

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