People of all ages and abilities are welcome!

“This program gives children a chance to learn piano.” – Autism Society of America

Our students have fun and learn new skills without frustration!

Our approaches are evidence-based.

“This program has helped us to find the shining light in our son.”

in Hauppauge and West Babylon!

The Music Academy For Special Learners is a music and art program designed to enrich the lives of children and adults. We are open to the public and work with all individuals at all levels and abilities.

At The Music Academy for Special Learners:

WE BELIEVE that all learners are special and deserve the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and master new skills. Accomplishing these things in the arena of art and music sharpens their intellect, increases their self‐confidence, connects them with others and fills them with JOY!

WE OFFER music lessons, music therapy, music classes, art therapy, art classes, art instruction for children and adults of all levels and abilities, and all of our services are provided by highly qualified staff.

WE RECOGNIZE the pain, stress and anxiety that can surround traditional educational experiences, so at the Music Academy for Special Learners we teach lovingly, creatively and patiently. Visual Music Concepts, a method incorporating multiple research-based approaches including are creatively implemented for students to have fun and learn new skills at their own pace without frustration.

WE ARE COMMITTED to helping students and their families experience the many benefits and the happiness that come with learning success in music and art!

We know you and your child will love The Music Academy for Special Learners!


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